Dan Rauchwerk

Best described as a “musical Wikipedia,” songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Dan Rauchwerk seeks to educate as he entertains. A founding member of the internationally touring folk band The Lords of Liechtenstein, Dan has recently embarked on a solo career. “We Are More Than What We Leave Behind,” his debut solo album, was released in December of 2018.


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“…in Dan Rauchwerk I think I’ve unearthed another musical diamond.” – The Rocking Magpie

“This New Yorker plants his foot firmly in folk troubadour territory and serves up a fertile source of stories spinning history into different perspectives. The style is raw and simple, akin to a refined Billy Bragg, but awash with a desire to listen intently. A singer-songwriter’s dream scenario.” – Three Chords and the Truth UK

“[Dan] is a troubadour in the classic sense of the word.  His songs are beautiful stories that are told with passion.” – Madness To Creation

“Lyrically profound and thoughtful, like a mandola strumming Philip Larkin…” – Time Past and Time Passing